GOSSIP at BoxPark
GOSSIP is bringing a twist to a Ramadan and Eid Celebrations this year. The stylish boutique eatery will be celebrating this Ramadan with an enticing set menu and exclusive innovative Eid gifts.

Ramadan menu priced at AED 220 includes signature dishes such as Gossip Fatayer, Quinoa Tabbouleh, Harissa Chicken, Lamb Ouzi, Falafel Salad, Gossip Pistachio Secrets, and Gossip Dreamy Kunafa. Specially designed Suhoor platters will also be available featuring a variety of choices. Guests can also enjoy several other options in the relaxed and Ramadan – inspired ambience which not only offers unique culinary selections, but an original experience as well.

In addition, to mark the commencement of Eid, GOSSIP will be creating exclusive, special edition gift boxes filled with traditional Emirati sweets and confectionary with a GOSSIP twist such as the one-of-a-kind pink ‘Barazek’ sesame pistachio cookies. ‘Maamoul’ shortbread pastries with a modern infusion creating new flavours like rose, pistachio, fig, walnut and pine nut flavours in addition to ‘Ghraybeh’ shortbread, the ‘Choclawa’ baklava with a range of mouthwatering fillings, and Asawer, which is based on the authentic Aleppine dish Eswaret As-Set. These gift boxes can also be customized to create more personalized gift. The collection has been designed to share with loved ones at the most important time of year, when friends and families gather to celebrate the festivities with magnificent feasts.