GOSSIP is bringing a twist to Eid Celebrations this year

To mark the commencement of Eid, GOSSIP will be creating exclusive, special edition gift boxes filled with traditional Emirati sweets and confectionary with a GOSSIP twist such as the one-of-a-kind pink ‘Barazek’ sesame pistachio cookies. ‘Maamoul’ shortbread pastries with a modern infusion creating new flavours like rose, pistachio, fig, walnut and pine nut flavours in addition to Asawer, which is based on the authentic Aleppine dish Eswaret As-Set. These gift boxes can also be customized to create more personalized gift. The collection has been designed to share with loved ones at the most important time of year, when friends and families gather to celebrate the festivities with magnificent feasts.

GOSSIP is frequented by trendsetters and foodies alike who enjoy the highest quality of fine, fresh, natural and organic ingredients that are locally sourced and naturally sweetened. The freshness and quality is so distinctive that several items from the menu are approved by the Dubai Ministry of Health. Every dish at GOSSIP is created with a new angle and is customizable; all of the concepts are developed and created in-house, everything in the dish from the bread to the sauces are all GOSSIP’s own.

The gifting ranges in price from AED 10 up to AED 1200 depending on the size of the gift and number of different items that you would like.