Bianca at BoxPark

Fresh ingredients, authentic flavours and only the finest Italian products are what Bianca does best. Using a UAE-based diary manufacturer, Bianca prides themselves in serving locally-made burrata and mozzarella, fresh daily. This is as close as it comes to dining at a local ristorante in Italy!

With the Dubai Summer upon us, Bianca is dedicated to serving you the most genuine taste of Italian holiday. Fresh ingredients, including vine-ripened Roma tomatoes, garden-fresh basil and oregano, mushrooms, garlic, truffle and our famous parmesan cheeses are used to create our signature dishes with all guests transported to Italy through an amazing culinary sensation. This Summer, drop in and cool off with Bianca’s range of fresh, cool juices, salads and cold dishes!

Launching EID weekend, June 15th, Bianca Boxpark will be showcasing an exclusive Chef’s menu that is set to light your taste-buds on fire! With our chefs taking inspiration from classic Italian dishes, the menu is sure to not disappoint! Whether you’re looking to indulge in a truffle burrata, treat yourself to a pizza, experience a fine Italian pasta or enjoy a sweet treat, Bianca is your go-to for a taste of Italy this Summer in Dubai.

Check us out on Instagram @bianca.uae!